"He leads me beside still waters and restores my soul. . ." Psalm 23 Among iconic photos in the Pacific Northwest, the always-changing scene at Borst Lake, near Snoqualmie, Washington remains a favorite and "must shoot" spot for many photographers. With calm winds and a relatively clear sky, passers-by delight in the reflection of nearby Mount Si in the still waters of the lake. It is truly a remarkable sight, but many people drive right by, missing the treasure a few moments of observation would deposit in their hearts. Moreover, every day, indeed every season, presents a different view.

Since I am privileged to live near Mount Si at my home in North Bend, Washington, and nearby Borst Lake (AKA "the millpond" to local residents of the Upper Snoqualmie Valley), I decided to do a gallery of photos for each month of the year. I hope you enjoy this brief journey through a year of waiting in the stillness for the right conditions to capture the moment. May your own soul be stilled and restored as you imagine walking beside these still waters. Click on the photo below to enjoy the twelve photos. Enjoy!